Our Daily Sykes #489 – A Bridge in the Palouse (I'm Thinking)

I don't know this bridge but imagine that it is somewhere in the Palouse of southeast Washington. Above it are two motorcars (of the 1940s) near a curve that will turn the road they travel down to pass beneath the bridge, which, I imagine only, is for trains. And yet it is wide enough, it seems, to accommodate two lanes of traffic. (Click to Enlarge)

Ron Edge sends along a link to a slick piece of promotion for the Battersea Station’s duty as centerpiece for a proposed new London neighborhood.   Perhaps it – the link and these ambitious plans – will work.   Warning: while animation included in the link is satisfying the tone of the production is, for my taste, much too pushy-confident.   Here’s the link:  http://www.battersea-powerstation.com/   I see it shares no color, and so probably will not link.  However, you can enter it by key and most-likely find it.

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #489 – A Bridge in the Palouse (I'm Thinking)”

  1. At first this reminded me of the area around Washtucna, WA, but a image search of RR bridges in that area brought up what appears to be a contemporary view that matches the historic image, and places the bridge in question in Rosalia, WA.

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