Jean Sherrard – Bumbershoot Plenipotentiary

If you knew that Jean (our Sherrard) is wearing an early Bumbershoot T-Shirt, and thought that you also located over his (own) left shoulder (on the right) the pyramid top to Seattle's venerable Smith Tower, you might think that Jean is here visiting with perhaps a touring soccer club, although these uniforms are not so sporting. But you would be wrong. This is from one of Jean's trips to Africa, and this a scene from the time he drove a Land Rover far into its center. (I scanned this slide among many others for possible use in last month's memorial service for Jean's mother.) Bumbershoot and Jean are even more familiar than its early shirt on his back. In 2000 Jean, Cathy Wadley and I scrambled to produce a video history of the festival. It still gets aired around Labor Day. And so in the mid-1970s - I am speculating on the date - Jean Sherrard was one Bumbershoot plenipotentiary with plenty of potential.

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