Paul and Doppelgaenger

A remarkable resemblance - click to enlarge

In late 2005, Paul and Jean traveled to Paris to visit our dear friend and colleague Berangere Lomont. Our  joint exhibition of repeat photography from Seattle and Paris,  now on display at MOHAI, is the fruit of that trip.

One serendipitous incident, documented in the photograph above by Berangere, is when Paul met his doppelgaenger, his twin, his semblable in a Paris cafe. Actually, Paul never met him, he merely sat down next to him and let the shot be taken. Jean grabbed a video camera to record that moment. Most of the event is clear enough, although Jean began shaking with laughter, ruining the shot a bit.

Here it is:

One thought on “Paul and Doppelgaenger”

  1. This made my day. Three kids on a Paris lark. What makes it even more fun is Berangere’s photo posted first, so that if you study the characters in the background of the still image for a moment before watching the video, then you can anticipate in the video the precise moment when Berangere clicks the shutter, when the one person stands and lifts the glass to drink and the fellow in the ball cap raises his arm off the table. That is also the exact moment that Jean explodes in laughter.

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