Our Daily Sykes #495 – Number Six

I cannot confirm it, but I think that is Horace Sykes on the winding dirt road acting on his frequent delight in studying roads, both paved and not, heading off into picturesque landscapes. Here was have both. This subject, again, is not named by Horace, but it is almost certainly somewhere in the Palouse. We have shown among the other 494 Daily (nearly) Sykes shown here since early in 2010 photographs that included Horace looking at the camera or posing for it, at least once with his camera. This subject also carries a 35mm camera over his shoulder, and it is those shoulders - and the posture - that make me think they are Horace's broad ones. His athletic daughter Jeannette had them too.. Here she is below posing with the family dog on one of her visits to Seattle. Sometimes she was accompanied by her husband, the navy man, and sometimes not. (Click to Enlarge)


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