Seattle Confidential – Nearly Black Friday

This I snapped during a visit to White Front sometime in the 70s.  I no longer remember if the name was joined as one – Whitefront.  I remember being startled by the sign promoting Santa before Thanksgiving and the Sat. Nov. 25th date is a clue at least to possible years that the day that the day that is still two days after Thanksgiving came on a Saturday.   I remember the Niagara Cyclo massagers but neither Ira Blue nor KGO radio.  Here a carboard Ira gives a personal touch to the vibrator.   And last, why there would be a table filled with heads for my inspection, that I don’t remember either.  Now looking back to the second (middle) subject, I wonder if the blonde on the left might have borrowed her big hair from one of these heads.  The White Front building on Aurora near 135th may be a K-Mart now, if it has survived the latest falling.   (Click to Enlarge)

4 thoughts on “Seattle Confidential – Nearly Black Friday”

  1. According to Wikipedia (for what it’s worth) Ira Blue died in 1974 of cancer – so I think this is 1972 based on the Saturday 11/25

  2. Thanks Jana for your work on this, and encouragement. I am now wondering if White Front was open by the fall of 1967, for if it was then these shots may be part of a Aurora photo survey I made then for a feature in Helix, a local tabloid of the late 60s. I’ll have to now hunt for the negatives – themselves!

  3. If Wikipedia is to be trusted, and generally, it is, then White Front opened in Seattle in 1969. So 1972 is indeed looking to be the year.

    Although to my untrained eye, I could easily be convinced those fashions are from the late 60s not the early 70s. I suppose a discount store might attract clientele sporting inexpensive, and thereby dated, clothes.

  4. Your photo has to be from 1967. I used to listen to Ira Blue’s KGO radio show regularly, and I clearly remember the Niagara Cyclo Massage spots around 1967. By November 1972 Ira Blue was either completely or mostly retired from KGO.

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