Horace Sykes made many Kodachrome copies of paintings, and he especially liked genre and regional art. Included are a few examples, like this, of Alaskan artist Sydney Lawrence. Actually, Lawrence was born in Brooklyn in 1865, and spent most of the 1890s painting in England, a member of an artist's colony in Cornwall. He exhibited widely then and even won a prize at the Paris Salon of 1894. But in 1904 me made the very big change of moving to Alaska. Eventually he wound up in Anchorage, when it was still a small town, and for a quarter-century until his death in 1940 kept painting and building the reputation as Alaska's primary painter of, of course, Alaskan subjects, like this one. It is certainly possible to see some of same big sky urges that also moved Sykes with his own picturesque slides. (Click to Enalarge)

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