Paris Chronicle #31 – 99 rue de Vaugirard

Welcome to one of the legendary Montparnasse artists’ studios where Etienne Leroux in 1879 – 1880 had sculpted the statue of Jeanne  d’Arc which is now set in Montmartre, Elisabeth Tournon-Branly artist , painter, humorist 1889 – 1970, and Gerard Singer sculptor lived and worked.

Frédérique Westphal invited Czapska Beata the sculptor and her artist friends to Open Artist Studios in the 6th arrondissement . Our exhibition started on 1 December, it was a time to get together, of exchange and passion …

Bienvenue dans l’un des  ateliers d’artiste du  Montparnasse mythique où Etienne Leroux en 1879- 1880 avait sculpté la statue de Jeanne d’Arc  est installée maintenant à Montmartre,  Elisabeth Tournon- Branly artiste peintre et humoriste 1889- 1970 , et Gérard Singer scuplteur vécurent et travaillèrent.

Frédérique Westphal avait invité Beata Czapska  et ses amis artistes pour les Portes ouvertes du 6ème arrondissement. Notre exposition a commencé le 1er décembre, c’était un moment de rencontre, d’échange et de passion…

From the left you can see Julien Signolet’s sculpture in wood, he is inspired by Yi King,, my photos, in the middle

Beata Czapska’s sculptures of animals, some sculptures more abstract by Jacquie Martin on the right.

Kyo embracing Beata,  and Jacquie Martin with turquoise scarf

The writer Mathilde Tixier reading her texts

Automne Lageat (violoncelle), Matthias Durand, Kaï and Michel Seul playing while Mathilde was readingThe diva, Ksenia Skacan soprano The public, in the middle the sculptor dressed in black Julien Signolet

Our friends from Seattle : Cynthia Rose and Steve Sampson

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