Jean has enlightened me concerning the fate of items added to any of our posts.  Depending upon the timing, some readers will never see them.  The reason is that the original contents of a posting  – and this part is mysterious still to me – are copied by entities, which then share them with others who ask for them.   The mysterious but still mighty servers are only interested in “beginnings” and do not write over or add the additions to their original copies of the page. They resemble teachers who will not take late changes – including additions – to a term paper.  And so you see the problem of adding information  – mostly illustrations – later on.  Consequently, we here add addenda (or addendums, if you prefer) fresh and at the blog’s top as late additions to the Riverside story that appears in its greater part below Jean’s restaurant review of Green Lake’s Trattoria Cioppino, which is just below.

Hotel West, but not dated.
To the rear, I believe, of Hotel West where something is smoking, right-of-center, April 12, 1923.
Hotel West with pile driver from bridge work - not dated - and the profile of Pigeon Point.
Map of Pigeon Point from 1895. (Not so long ago)
Pigeon Point - and more - from a 1931 Sanborn real estate map.
Looking west from Pigeon Point over W. Spokane Street - and the Youngstown Viaduct for trolleys - to West Seattle - July 6, 1931. (Courtesy Municipal Archive)
Looking West on W. Spokane Street below Pigeon Point.
On top the regraded Pigeon Point appears at the top left corner in a 1930 look from the Youngstown Viaduct, which also includes the Shanghai's alluring promise of dancing to live music. Bottom, the Shanghai has become Marty's Tavern (see the next same day pix below) recorded from the Spokane Street grade in 1962. (Courtesy of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society.)

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