Seattle Confidential – Game Remnants in a Trailer

The trailer packed with deer and moose parts has a license dated 1942 and is parked on Terrace Street (between 4th and 5th) beside the side door to the old Public Safety Building, which since its restoration in the 1970s has been known as the 400 Yesler Building.   We don’t know that the animal parts are collected as evidence but we assume it given the location.  A different trailer below holds its own gruesome parts and is surrounded by a pack of curious mostly young men.   This trailer is parked on Jackson Street east of 5th Avenue and across the street from the Orpheum Cafe, which was then in the building at the northeast corner of 5th and Jackson.  That lot is now for parking.  Looming in the haze is the 9-story Richmond Hotel at the southeast corner of 4th Avenue and Main Street.

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