A Blog Apologia – Our First – "Thanks for the Memories"

We are, you see, back with the blog.  A brief history of our collapse: it began about two weeks ago soon after the Riverside feature got posted Jan 22.  After that it sputtered and then died.  It complaints might have reminded you of an original VW bug engine wanting more power.  And without understanding why – except for relief – we gave it . . . more power.   So now we are up and running more expensively.

It has been explained to us that for blogs dorpatsherrardlomont is an unusually “rich” example.  Blogs are ordinarily terse and modestly illustrated.   That has always been Jean’s instruction, and Ron thinks that we should still start linking a lot of what we offer into folders that are kept in other places and accessed with other programs, but without much loss of speed.  So we will probably do that – eventually.  But for now it seems like with new speed and capacities we will make it up our seven hills (in Seattle) sans sputter.  We will start again making more memories.

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