THANKS For The Memories Cont . . . Bob Hope in Seattle, 1962

From July 9 thru 15 Bob Hope delivered his $100,000 show at the Aqua Theatre on Green Lake before near capacity crowds – first night 5,478 seats of the 5600 capacity.   The Crosby brothers had to cancel (we can imagine the skit) but the show moved along fine (the reviewers noted) with the dancer Juliet Prowse doing “Legs” a dance of hers only through holes in a curtain, folk singer Jimmy Rodgers and the Fairmont Singers, and more than an hour of monologue by Hope.  Almost as popular were the monkeys – the Marquis Chimpanzees, which “could do anything except recite poetry.”  For one song Hope took to a row boat oared by Carol Christensen Hall, a former Seafair Queen.  Earlier, of course, he received the obligatory queen kiss from Linda Juel, Seafair Queen for 1962, the year of Century 21.  And next year Hope was back again for another encounter with the local queen, who in 1963 was Arelene Hinderlie.    Both Juel and Hinderlie are pictured next.  All the images, excepting that from 1963, which comes from the Post-Intelligencer, are used compliments of Seafair.

1962 Seafair Queen, Linda Juel, missing the famous ski-nose.
1963 Seafair Queen, Arelene Hinderlie
Seafair Pirates, the 1962 installment
Hope browsing The Seattle Times Century 21 Special Edition

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