Seattle Confidential – SECOMA ca. 1982

Driving to Tacoma on old 99 you may miss Secoma, except for the signs, and of the two showing here the bowling alley survives although with mix reviews.  (They may have a new sign.)  In 1982, the approximate date, there was no exposing media like YELP to broadcast the range of criticisms about almost anything that amounts to another roadside attraction.  The complimentary ones seem written to form.  The critical reviews  make the reviewers seem insulted by the place – their foolishness for paying six dollars for a beer in a place that takes only cash.  You wonder if either or both were written by the lane’s owners or its competitors.   The winter day we drove to Tacoma was too cold for the feeble heater in the VW Karmen Ghia.   Secoma was new to me and the signs big enough to read from a distance that allowed a quick stop.   If it is the motel that is having the grand opening then it may be new owners that are celebrating, for the big sign is weathered, although still somewhat grand.   There survives a listing for a pubic phone in Secoma, which I imagine is the one set here near the base of the motel sign.  It must take enough calls for the tel. company to keep it around.   I remember trying the alternative, “Tattle” or perhaps Taatle.”    (Click to Enlarge)

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