Thanks For the Memories Continuing . . . Bingo

By a photo editor's decision the unidentified man on the right is to be given one-half of a column for some news story. The photograph is used compliments from Seafair, and was copied from their archives long ago. Like the Bob Hope snaps printed earlier this one dates from 1962 . . . I assume. Does the queen look the same? For what may be most readers born since 1960, say, the man in the middle is the Tacoma-Spokane baritone, Bing Crosby. "If I could be like Bing forever I would sing, ba-ba-ba-boom . . .ba-ba-ba-boom."

2 thoughts on “Thanks For the Memories Continuing . . . Bingo”

  1. The unidentified man looks a lot like the man who later became Governor Dan Evans to me, but it seems more likely he’s airline personnel.

  2. Hi- Just came across the photo by accident. The men flanking Bing on either side are members of the Seattle Seafair Commodores. I don’t think Dan Evans was ever a member, but I cannot tell you who these gentlemen are with certainty. We have a photo of Bing being made an Honorary Commodore by the same Seafair Queen on our website slider: Thanks for sharing! I hope the Commodore on the left doesn’t take it personally being x-ed out by the photo editor. 🙂

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