HELIX Vol. 1 No. 7 – July (date to be announced) 1967

It seems that Tuesday – not Monday – will become the more likely day of the week these Helix Redux offerings will appear here.  (But don’t necessarily count on it.  We will still aim for “Wash Day” to hang these sheets.) Here’s another 12-pager.  It includes many delights, and I took the opportunity of the attached audio to read one of them: an early Dump Truck Baby feature by John Cunnick in which he reflects on the meanings surrounding having ones own newspaper in its eighth week and still learning.  Inside is also an adver for the OCS concert with The Grateful Dead at Eagle Auditorium, and in that line we will attach several snapshots from that bright blue Sunday afternoon picnic with power at the north end of the Golden Gardens parking lot.  You will recognize the Dead faces, surely, but also some others I suspect in the rapt listeners.  There are a few snaps of other musicians performing as well including one of Larry “Jug” Vanover who will be delighted to see his own slim self in 1967 with jug in hand – I expect.


I’ll not caption any of these Dead photos.  There are nine of them and they come from the remnants of the Helix darkroom.  I’ve not determined as yet who recorded them.  At the bottom of this line-up are four or five  shots of other players, include – at the very bottom – one of Larry Vanover with jug in hand.

Here's "Jug" on the left.


2 thoughts on “HELIX Vol. 1 No. 7 – July (date to be announced) 1967”

  1. Third pic from bottom is Daily Flash – Don MacAllister on bass. Second from bottom I believe is International Brick – John Ussery on guitar, Dick Gerber(?) on tambourine and Randy Bennett on bass.

  2. Thank you Bill. More bands played certainly that were predicted in the Helix schedule. Bill White mentioned that the Grateful Dead was hours late. I think I may have arrived near the end of it all – but now I wonder if I arrived at all. Like tissue are some of these memories! I was very confident that I attended until I began to wonder about how my puny memory about it all.

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