Fair and Festival – No. 2: Looking West on Thomas St. ca. 1955

This comparison jumps ahead – or behind –  to a future Seattle Center scene when there was a yet no Space Needle nor Breezeway nor Monorail, but only the first inklings that these civic acres might be overhauled for all humankind and their most recent and magnificent inventions; that is, for a worlds fair.   The approximate date here is 1955, and the view looks west on Thomas Street past a short row of houses and sheds where a ramp to the monorail would be built.  A block away Thomas intersects with Nob Hill Avenue and then continues west beside the south facade of the Armory, aka Food Circus, aka Center House.  (Click TWICE to enlarge)

TOMORROW – Another look at the Monorail ramp –  across it to the base of the Space Needle.

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