Fair and Festival – No. 5: Looking Northwest From and/or Thru Second Avenue and Republican Street

CLICK TWICE to Enlarge and so to seek the intersection of interest northeast of the Coliseum, and so somewhat upper-left. (Courtesy, Ron Edge)

Most of today’s fair/festival repeat looks northwest from the corner of Republican Street and Second Avenue.  The centerpiece during the fair was the northwest terminus of the fair’s Union 76 Skyride.  Earlier it was the home of a long-lived apartment that, as you will learn from the short feature reprinted as a clipping near the bottom, began in the early 1890s as an ornate home/dormitory for single working women, which was converted into a hospital first and then for most of its life the apartments that were razed for Century 21.  The Rep’s Bagley Wright Theatre was completed in the early 1980s, and it survives with some additions, most notably the smaller Kreielsheimer stage at the north end.   Again, for a hide-and-seek prelude, we put at the top Ron Edge’s superimposition of a recent photo of Seattle Center taken from space (ca. 2007) with a map of Century 21 that numbers and names its attractions, most of them temporary.

Part of Queen Anne resident Lawton Gowey's pre-fair survey of the site. This, again, looks northwest thru the intersection of 2nd Ave. and Republican Street.
The northwest corner during the fair with the Union 76 Skyride overhead and it's northwest terminus at the center. (Courtesy Ron Edge)
Jean's repeat at this year's Bumbershoot
My empty record from last May (2012).
The Union 76 Skyride terminus shows - barely - right-of-center at the top. This Century 21 shot from the Space Needle includes bottom-right a reveal of the northeast corner of Nob Hill Avenue and Harrison Street, the subject of our second fair-festival repeat. The keen eye may also find the Belgian Pancake feeder while rolling its way to the upper-right.
The promised short history of the corner.
As is his revealing and appealing custom, Jean has taken other looks from his prospect. This one aims west on Republican.

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