A Rogue’s Christmas, 2018

Please join Paul and me for our 12th annual gathering of the rogues! Also in the mix are Kurt Beattie, Julie Briskman, Bill Radke, and our house band Pineola!

A slight change up this year: we’re asking our audience for stories of mishap, mayhem, and mistletoe mischief. Please submit your holiday tales of woe – 500 words or less – for consideration. If selected, it will be performed live at the show by Bill Radke or Julie Briskman, and later be aired on the KUOW ‘Speaker’s Forum’ Christmas edition! Submit your stories to holidaydisasters@townhallseattle.org.

A Rogue’s Christmas 2018

One thought on “A Rogue’s Christmas, 2018”

  1. Thanks for the Northgate article. It reminds me of 69 years ago when my dad, Building Superintendent for the Bon Marche, took me to see the excavation. An old man (probably at my age now) said these guys are going to lose their shirt. Nobody will come clear out here to shop.

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