Right through these doors…

…in Washington State, for the last time in person. Henceforth, all ballots will be mail-in. Which saddens me to no small degree. For many years, I’ve voted alongside my neighbors in a small but significant gesture of civilization and community. But there was something precious in the walk of several blocks to St. Andrews Church. Something comforting in the (mostly) retirees who manned the precinct tables. Here then is a snap of a few of them, volunteering one more time in King County to help oversee this final bout of neighborhood voting. The good folks from 47-1313.

And immediately upon my return home, I saw an email (“Le moment est venu”) from BB containing the following image from Paris.

Along with her best wishes:

Mes chéris,
All our best french thoughts for you and the elections… We have good hope !
Je vous embrasse très fort. BB

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