Snow in Paris!

The snow is always very shy in Paris, it lasted only one day, here is Notre Dame and two sisters…

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At the first grain of snow, parisians spread salt to avoid ice, so the streets become very muddy, the parcs are closed, and only a few places are white like the surroundings of notre-Dame.  Do you salt the snow?

3 thoughts on “Snow in Paris!”

  1. Bon jour!! My husband and I were just in Paris
    this past summer..and if we thought Paris was pretty is even more lovely looking at Paris in the snow..
    How beautiful!!

  2. how lovely!! My son and I visited your beautiful city, not this past summer; but, the two summers before… just when I didn’t think it could get any better, you get snow… I’m in the middle of snowy weather myself; but, snow in Paris?! breathtaking… I hope you enjoyed it and get more for Christmas! Happy Holidays! Be safe…

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