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Paul Dorpat, Historian Without Portfolio

Since 1982, Paul has written his popular column for the Seattle Times Sunday magazine.

We will be archiving them here, starting with a handful of more recent contributions and continuing to add more as time and effort permit.  Several elements ensure this will be an intriguing feature of our blog.

First, clicking on the photos will provide viewers with a much larger size than the Times can accommodate.  Delight can be found in the details. Second, we will post our ‘Now’ photos in living color.  Lastly, it allows us to swing the camera around and show wider and alternative shots from different perspectives.

So click onward and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Visit our SEATTLE NOW & THEN Archive”

  1. Trying to get in touch with Paul- know him through my wife Leslie McKay. Am trying to develop info on Rolland Denny who worked out of the same office as my grandfather, Parnell Murphy, during the 1940s in the Smith Tower. Parnell managed rental properties for Rolland’s daughter, Mrs. Heltiger (sp) during the thirties, and when she passed on, he ended up with a collection of items from Rolland e.g. Pioneer Days on Puget Sound (Bagley printing). Thought that Paul might be able to give some advice on how to proceed.

    Robert Richards

  2. Paul, great idea. Very nice site work. I’d like to submit some photos for your use.

    Tim Robinson

  3. Help! I am 62. As a child, I remember a giant neon octopus on the waterfront that I could see from the viaduct when we drove home from my grandparent’s in the U district pre I-5. Was I dreaming?

    Diane Lennstrom

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