Another rare treat from 1916

Here’s a contribution from reader Nancy Johnson: a gorgeous photo of the 1916 Big Skate at Greenlake.

Nancy writes:

This [photo] was taken  on Jan 16th 1916 at Greenlake by my great grandfather Theodore Ramm; they lived on Greenwood Ave near 60th.  I think it was taken near the area that is now the rowing center.

Fascinating shot, filled with action and relationships. Note the threesome at lower left, also, the exuberant skaters lower center and right, narrowly avoiding the parents and child on a sled. A small mystery…just what elevated structure was the photo taken from? Nancy’s guess: a lifeguard tower. The elongated shadows suggest the photo was snapped late in the afternoon. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing this marvel with us!

(please click on photo to enlarge)

Photo by Theodore Ramm, Green Lake 1916

3 thoughts on “Another rare treat from 1916”

  1. This is truly remarkable! I hope it can be archived at SAM or somewhere. If I could buy cards with this photo, I might actually send out Xmas cards.


  2. Two of the trio Jean mentioned in the left corner is my grandmother and her mom. It turns out that my brother has stored the camera that was used for these post card sized pictures. I am going to get it and see if it can still be used. Probably not, But I think it will be interesting to check out. I have a bunch more snow pictures from 1916 so let me know if you want some for your book.

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