Our Daily Sykes #49 – Zabriskie Point Confirmed (Thanks to Ron Edge)

(Click to Enlarge) Far below in another "daily sykes" Mr. Steve Silver of cheesecake and desert photography skills identified a Sykes scene as possibly from Zabriskie Point, about which some of us know only the film from the late 1960s that explored the adventure in which many of us among that sum were involved away from the theatre. If memory serves, it ended sadly if not tragically. But might this also be footage from Z-Point (the locals sometimes shorten it in their mud rooms) or something like it? RON EDGE of edge clippings answers with this link to a trailer for the Antonioni film Zabriskie Point. Ron remembers seeing it in 1970 at the Ridgemont Theatre. If you take a moment to follow the link http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/index/?cid=189731 you will - if all works out well - find that an image of Z-Point very much like this one appears at the head of the trailer. The rest of the production is sensationally silly. Trite. The film was a little better. As I remember we anticipated something better. Something as good as Blow Up, and earlier London-based film by Antonioni. Just paste http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/index/?cid=189731 in to the browser if it does not click open.

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