Our Daily Sykes #66 – "Pea Harvest in Washington"

Another Sykes visit to the Palouse, or near to it. Here Horace is moved to write a caption. It reads. "Field - Pea Harvest in Washington State. 1000 acres fields, common." Click to Enlarge - Please

4 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #66 – "Pea Harvest in Washington"”

  1. I love the understatement “Field” here. I also note, whenever I see a set of really tasty cumulus clouds like this, that they are a one-time, unique-in-all-history event. It’s good to just stare at them when you can spare the time, whether in a photo or “live”.

  2. Matt
    Oh the hopes and inspirations of good clouds. As teenagers a group of friends (all lads) and I would drive east out Spokane Valley to the beach resorts on Liberty Lake to both look at the girls and sing to the clouds – the big summer clouds of Eastern Washington. We created our own rhyming cloud chant that we might repeat over and over, with extemporaneous variations. It’s chorus went . . . “Oh Cloud, Oh Cloud, Oh Cloud / Of you we are so proud / In piles and puffs and whirls / Please help us meet some girls.”

  3. That’s beautiful, Paul. An American art form sprung from bottled-up teen yearning and uniting the earth and sky. I wonder if your predecessors on the land — First Nations teens, on a break from chores — might have lingered on the same littoral paradise and sung similar chants.

  4. Matt
    Perhaps but not likely, you know, on the same sands. I think those on the resort beaches of Inland Empire lakes were more often than not trucked in, spread and then raked into landscapes for dreaming – for us boys – about California girls. I don’t think we met even one but neither do I remember ever swimming in Liberty Lake. We kept at it, the sunbathing and chummy dreaming. We did get marvelous tans and at the time had no idea that if we survived a moderately long life we would be more wrinkled and so homely at 70 because of it. If I knew how to attach images directly to these conversations I would now plop in a picture of Liberty Lake.

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