Our Daily Sykes #71 – Mt. Index at Google Road Marker 45522

Heading east on Highway 2 about 35 miles out of Everett you will come to a little canyon, and it is there you may indulge this look at Mt. Index, if the atmosphere allows it. You can prepare for your trip by visiting Google Earth and its highway picture #45522 beside Highway #2. You will also find nearby one of the site's blue squares - this one floating in the river - that indicates there is a picture for you to see. If you tap it, up will pop a snapshot titled "Mt. Index early Spring." From this prospect it is easily appreciated how this face of the mountain is popular with rock climbers. The Google view is from nearly the same prospect as Syke's view and shows the same big rock in the Skykomish River. The mechnical bar on the rock is a digital artifact and none of the rock's. We think we will leave it there for eternity for no flood will foil it. (If you like, CLICK TWICE to Enlarge.)

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