Our Daily Sykes #162 – Flower Show

We do not know the date or scope (kinds of plants) of this show nor do we know for certain that it is what we suspect, the old Civic Auditorium, before its Century 21 remodel. We do know that Horace Sykes recorded the slide - it is in his collection - and that he loved flowers, especially orchids. (Click to Enlarge)

Follows two photos of an auto show that were pulled from an old album that also had no explanations, except those of context.  All the identifiable scenes were from Seattle.  These, I think, are also from the Civic Auditorium that was built for our amusements just in time for the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Please compare these with the flower show for similar features – not of what is being shown but of the place.   Is it the same auditorium?

A. Curtis look at the nearly new Auditorium ca. 1930. The old Ice Arena is to the left of it. It may be a candidate for both shows, although they seem too large for it to me. Note the ravages of the last of the Denny Regrades, the scar on the left.
Horace Sykes card for entry or participation in an unidentified orchid show.

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