A Blogaddendum on Street Photography

November 27th last we published a photo essay – or several – that gathered around the subject of candid street photography.  We began with pictures of our friend Clay Eals’ mother Virginia Slate Eals snapped on Seattle streets during the Second World War.  Now Clay has found a few more examples from out of town and we happily add them with his captions. The top two have come from Donna Crowe, his co-worker at Encompass in North Bend. Donna is pictured as a child in the second image.  From Clay’s many years as editor of the West Seattle Herald we know that they will be spelled and punctuated correctly.

William and Mary Lamont, residents of Saltair (east coast of Vancouver Island), B.C., stroll arm in arm along Yates St in Victoria, B.C., Canada, sometime in the 1940s.
Della Rooney tries to keep up with daughters Diane (older, left) and Donna as they walk along Columbia Street in New Westminster, B.C., Canada, in 1950.
Florence Slate, my grandmother, walking in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, on Dec. 8, 1946. (Clay explains that this probably was during a visit that Florence and her husband, Joe, Clay's grandfather, made to Joe's hometown of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.)

We’ll finish the quartet with another of Clay’s mom, but this time not in Seattle.

On the right my mom, Virginia Slate, and her friend, Joan Sampson, walking in downtown Victoria, B.C. in 1945. (We edited Editor Clay's description of his mother's sunglasses in this photograph as "kind of odd and off-putting." Au contraire, we think those glasses add to her confident-looking allure.)

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