Our Daily Sykes *284 – Pier 49, 1953

Another of Horace Sykes looks from the Alaskan Way Viaduct when it was open to pedestrians - a few of them - before vehicles took over in early April, 1953. This looks west to what remains of Pier 49, a mere stub of its former self. Following the development of the waterfront following the city's "Great Fire of 1889" piers A and B (their tags then) were of similar size. Peir B (48) grew and Pier A (49) shrank. The ships got larger and required wider slips, and bigger ships also meant more stuff to both carry and warehouse. The Alaska Piers (1 and 2) on the right were on either side of Yesler Way and so framed the location of the pioneer Yesler Wharf. Before the big Alaska docks were built the fill on which Yesler's dock was built was scooped away for another wide and deep slip usefull for big ships.

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