Our Daily Sykes #329 – Grays River Covered Bridge

Here’s a subject that Jean and I had hoped to include in our book “Washington Then and Now,” and if Jean can find the “now” – several of them – that he took of the Grays River Covered Bridge he may follow this with a two or three or more repeats.  The covered bridge did make it into the book Genevieve McCoy and I wrote and which you can peruse on this blog through the “history books” button on the front page.  “Building Washington” is its name and page 107 is where the subject of covered bridges in state history is included.   The Grays River Covered Bridge, called the “Sorenson’s Covered Bridge,” by locals, was built in 1905 by Wahkiakum County to help dairy farmers get to market.    The span is 188 feet and the roadway 14 feet wide.

Hey Paul, here are a few photos of the bridge.  My guide, incidentally, was Tim Appelo’s uncle (whose first name I’ve forgotten – do you remember?), who had a remarkable collection of historical photos and documents and, if I remember correctly, owned and operated a telephone exchange in the area.

Right around sunset
With Uncle Appelo

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