Our Daily Sykes #429 – Governor's Ridge, Rainier National Park

Here Sykes visits one of the most frequented prospects for Mt. Rainier: looking west from Chinook Pass, at an elevation that’s a few feet more than 5,440.  With this detail he contrasts the rough rocks of Governor’s Ridge (with Mt. Governor near the scene’s center) with the swelling compressions of the Emmons Glazier beyond it.  Emmons is part of the most used climbing route to the top of Rainier.  There’s also a glimpse of the pointed Little Tahoma near the upper-left corner.  At 11138 feet it is the fifth highest mountain in the Cascades, after – and in order from the highest – Rainier, Shasta, Adams and Hood.   Little Tahoma is a young mountain, only about 500 thousand years.  Sykes moved some to the north (right) for the wider look at the same subject, below.  (Click to Enlarge)

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