Seattle Confidential – Urban Renewal

This slide and a few more of similar subjects were salvaged for me by a friend. They are all parts of a collection of rhetorical evidences of squalor from the 1950s (most likely), indicating a need for renewal - "urban renewal" when there was federal money behind it. Here probably a single man makes his home perhaps in a one room hut that is heated by the small wood burning stove and insulated with prints of mostly sentimental nature art plus a few snapshots and the colorful waxed paper used to wrap Holsum Bread, once a popular brand in Seattle. There's a radio on the table to the right and it seems to be plugged in. There certainly is power, and probably - if true to what we expect - a naked bulb hanging from the ceiling, screwed into a connector that also allows the radio to get its power. (If we turn the radio on we may hear "Some Enchanted Evening" but rarely "Brother Can You Spare A Dime." And there are other lines crossing this space, perhaps for hanging wet clothes over the fire. The floor while soiled still shows its floral star pattern. Warming to the right of the stove is the luxury of a second pair of shoes. (Click TWICE to Enlarge)

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