'A Rogue's Christmas' – Today at Town Hall!

"You better watch out..."

Join Jean, Paul, Frank Corrado, and Randy Hoffmeyer at Town Hall for our 6th annual Short Stories Live today at Town Hall at 4PM.

Listen to a selection of roguish and hilarious holiday tales by the likes of Damon Runyon, John Mortimer, P.G. Wodehouse, and John Cheever.

With original musical stylings by Pineola (our favorite local band).

For more info, go to Town Hall’s website.

3 thoughts on “'A Rogue's Christmas' – Today at Town Hall!”

  1. Jean:

    Did you ever play cello at a McDonald’s in north Spokane?

    If you did not, ignore my message. Muddled meanderings of an aged mind.

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