Seattle Confidential – John George Variations from Dance to Pope & Potatoes

JOHN GEORGE – Variations

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Ron Edge – of this blog’s “Edge Clippings” – reminded me that The Seattle Times “key word search” service through the Seattle Public Library website, can also read telephone numbers.   He quickly determined that the “782 – 2442” painted by some semi-pro free hand on the somewhat seedy door in the photograph above was the tel. number for John George’s Studio of Performing Arts at 5412 Ballard Ave. N. W.  (A parking lot now, I believe.)  I have a habit of dating old negatives from my wandering prime as “circa 1970s.”  The sidewalk weed at the front door suggests that the door behind it was not often used.  However, John George was active here from the 1960s into the 1980s.  It is, again, the key-word opportunity that gives us at least a minimal sense of what he was about in this studio.   Predictably, there were many other John Georges, the most prolific made from one/half of the Beatles.   Beyond the Liverpool connection, a racehorse named John George did pretty well at Longacres in the 1970s, and John George Jr. after him in the 1980s.  I also pulled two instructive references to a Salish tribal leader in Vancouver. B.C. named John George.   Read on  – if you will, and CLICK TWICE to enlarge.

This early reference to John George makes special note of his "free dance instruction for underprivileged children." And Oscar Peterson is in town. The date is at the top.

What appears to be the first self-promotion for our dancer John George puts him in the S.Times Pictorail's montage of ads for Performing Arts services, Sunday, Sept. 8 1968. He credits his studio with the work (his work) of the "award-winning Seattle SeaFair Starlighters."
John George subscribes again to the Pictorial montage for Sept. 7, 1969.
For many years Robert Heilman was The Seattle Times natty "Man About Town" dressed like sent from Central Casting. In this June 10, 1973 feature, Heilman compliments George's students for their performance in a variety show at the Seattle Center Playhouse.
George subscribed for a smaller ad in the Pictorials performing arts montage for Sept. 10, 1978, which has also shrunk to half-a-page.
John George has a hand in a benefit for the performing arts in Lynwood. Jan. 28, 1981. This, it seems, is the last citation in The Seattle Times for John George, the dancer/teacher from Radio Music Hall and Ballard.
One example of many - most of them post listings - for the horse John George that raced at Longacres in the 1970s.
Here John George, a Salish tribal leader from Vancouver B.C., interprets a spooked three year old's communications in his bedroom at night with a man that he describes - thru his mother's interpretation - as looking like Daniel Boone. John George is confident that the boy is mistaken. The speaker is not a white mountain man but one of George's ancestors complaining about the desecration of his burial ground by the laughing child and his sometimes messy bedroom. Dec. 23, 1976, dateline Vancouver B.C..
John George (again) greets John Paul with a talking stick during the pope's 1984 visit to Vancouver. With the stick the Prince of the Vatican can safely and with authority speak ex cathedra even on public occasions.

Another John George holds our last clipping.   This time George speaks with the authority of Ore-Idaho Foods Inc, as their head of international export sales.   We learn that the average European eats more potatoes than the average American (although, it occurs to us, that the average American looks more like a potato than the average European.)   America in the fall of 1976 – its bi-centennial – had too many potatoes and was ready to ship and share them with Europe.




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  1. I lived and worked with John George between 1978 to 1981 at his home at 22nd and 64 in Ballard WA and was the receptionist at his school.

    1. Hello! My wife Linda danced at Mr. George’s early 70’s and to his house many times! Is he still with us????! Home number 360-825-5566. Thank you

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