Pineola shines at Town Hall

Pineola! (photo: Julie Sotomura)
Pineola! (photo: Julie Sotomura)


We hope you made it to our Rogue’s Christmas show of short stories and music at Town Hall. If not, there’s always next year.

In the interim, however, I must share the attached live recording from the event. ‘The King of Everything’ was written by Leslie Braly to follow my reading of ‘The Birds for Christmas’ (about two boys in a charity hospital in Virginia whose only Christmas wish is to stay up late and watch Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’) and performed by Leslie, John Owen, Josh Woods, and Collin Schulze of Pineola.

Discovering hidden treasures is mostly the unlikely provenance of pirates;  but get an earful of the following song and encounter something fragile, hopeful, heartbreaking and joyful in equal measure. The real deal. Have a listen and exult.
11 – King Of Everything