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Paul Dorpat celebrates his 83rd birthday!

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VIDEO (23:29): Click the photo to see the significant moments of the celebration of Paul Dorpat’s 83rd birthday, which took place Friday afternoon, Oct. 29, 2021, in the entry courtyard of Paul’s home, Providence Heritage House at the Market on Western Avenue. The celebration was held one day after his actual 83rd to avoid a monsoon.
Paul Dorpat greets friends at his 83rd birthday celebration
By Clay Eals

Because the Seattle Times has postponed the “Now & Then” column this weekend and next, for this week’s post we present an audiovisual account of the 83rd birthday celebration of column founder, legendary historian and avuncular contrarian Paul Dorpat!

The party, publicized on Paul’s Facebook page, was held Friday afternoon, Oct. 29, 2021, in the entry courtyard of Paul’s home, Providence Heritage House at the Market on Western Avenue downtown. The two-hour outdoor event took place one day after Paul’s actual birthday to avoid heavy rains.

The celebration included champagne (including the popping of a cork), cake, a round of “Happy Birthday” and a reading of Facebook comments from those who were not able to attend.

The 23-1/2-minute birthday video (above) encompasses the significant moments of the celebration. More than 15 people attended, including (in alphabetical order) Kurt Armbruster, Joe Breskin, Rose Bushnell (who lived in the same apartment building as Paul in the 1970s), Clay Eals, Ron Edge, Buddy Foley, Patrick Ford, Marga Rose Hancock, Rena Ilumin, Howard Lev, Scott Rohrer, Jean Sherrard and Philip (Flip) Wells.

Apologies in advance for our dereliction in not knowing the names of a couple other friends who attended. If any of you dear blog readers can fill us in by sending us a comment, we would greatly appreciate it, and we will promptly add missing names.

Below, we add several still photos from Jean’s able lens. Thanks to everyone who came. We wish Paul another happy year in the city whose history he has chronicled vividly, with humor and verve!

The group (from left): Clay Eals, XX, Joe Breskin, Rose Bushnell, Ron Edge, Kurt Armbruster, Paul Dorpat, Marga Rose Hancock, XX, Rena Ilumin, Scott Rohrer, Patrick Ford, Buddy Foley, XX.
Philip (Flip) Wells
Marga Rose Hancock
(From left): Rose Bushnell, Paul Dorpat, Rena Ilumin.
Ron Edge
Kurt Armbruster
Scott Rohrer (left) and Joe Breskin
(From left) Philip (Flip) Breskin, Ron Edge, Patrick Ford.
(From left): Buddy Foley, Marga Rose Hancock, Paul Dorpat.
Buddy Foley
Rose Bushnell and Paul Dorpat.