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A Viaduct Demolition update…

Occasionally, in our travels, we have the opportunity to visit the waterfront. Like any spectacle of demolition, it provides boundless entertainment at no cost. Here’s a few photos from yesterday, featuring a prominent survivor at Marion.

Looking north from Madison
South view to Marion, where a chunk of the viaduct stands alone, shadowing the pedestrian walkway
Looking north from University
A Seattle tradition…another on-ramp to nowhere (at Seneca)
Much of this prospect has not been seen since the early 50s. The Viaduct still stands south of Columbia Street
Ivar observes with (one might assume) wry approbation
The Marion street pedestrian overpass guards a remaining portion of the Viaduct, or is the other way round?


First Avenue in Turmoil

Looking north up First Ave, from Main Street

For those who haven’t visited Pioneer Square recently, or traversed First Avenue, you’re in for a bit of shock. As the old fellah from Vermont once drawled, ‘Ya cahn’t get there from heah.’ Well…you can, but we recommend you take a bus and walk. Here’s a few photos of the upheaval, which is projected to last for many months  (of course, click to enlarge):