Above Blewett Pass

On the old forest road that runs east from Blewett Pass, there are larches just now turning to gold.  The two photos below, I think, demonstrate the uses of b&w. Taken from slightly different angles, each reveals something the other does not. Eh?

3 thoughts on “Above Blewett Pass”

  1. Will you please tell the story of how these two photos differ, other than in their color and perspective? That is, which was taken first and how far away is the second or later prospect from the first one? Also how much time elapsed between them and is this near where Karen felt she might fall off the cliff?

  2. The color was taken first from about 100 feet lower than the bw and perhaps 5 minutes earlier. Not much of a breeze as the clouds are very similar.

    Karen was nervous the whole time we were climbing this narrow dirt road the hugged the face of the hill. It didn’t help matters when she noticed, 2-300 feet below us, a battered vehicle of some kind.

  3. Do you known the name of the mountain ridge on the horizon or failing that in which direction were you looking.

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