SEATTLE NOW & THEN – Gliding on Green Lake

Each week we will post images from the current Times’ ‘Seattle Now and Then’ article.

Just mouseclick on the photos below to see them in larger format with greater detail.

The Freeze of 1916
Taken on a sloppy Christmas day in 2008, just before melting began in earnest

Below, here are a few more from that same snow taken on the other side of the lake. And while it didn’t freeze over this time round, it certainly provided an unusual playground.

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green-lake-snow-2 green-lake-snow-3 green-lake-snow-4 green-lake-snow-5 green-lake-snow-7 green-lake-snow-6

2 thoughts on “SEATTLE NOW & THEN – Gliding on Green Lake”

  1. That is so cool to see! I also have several photos from the snow of 1916 that my grandparents took at Greenlake and Woodland Park. Would you like to see them?

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