Fremont Solstice Parade

Photos taken along the parade route culminating at Gasworks on this marvelous day of bright sun and looming clouds.  Be forewarned: this collection of thumbnails contains a smattering of nudity (although nothing terribly explicit).

Seattle’s own carnival, with a sense, somehow, of decorum and civility thrown in.  This solstice celebration has more of a flirty Finnish sauna than wicker man buzz.

Walking away after parade’s end, I saw a tourist approach a couple of cops:

“Excuse me, officer,” she said, “but isn’t nudity against the rules?”

“Not today, ma’am,” the older of the two cops replied with a grin.

(click twice for full size)

2 thoughts on “Fremont Solstice Parade”

  1. These are great shots of the best Solstice parade–ever! Ha-ha, loved the policeman story, too! :~)

  2. According to published data, this annual event creates as many published photos as any other “One Day” World Event. Rightly so as it truly exhibits (literally) the oft quoted but much maligned notions of Freedom of Expression.
    Unfortunately, if these riders were to appear on another day even in similar “Costume”, they would probably be accosted by local Gendarmerie.
    I love this parade and the Voyeur aspect is also tittalating (Pun intended of course so as not to get a Bum rap {Ouch}) It is my earnest intention to make a Trans-Continent journey and attempt to burn off the battery pack of my trusted Canon Rebel.There is one “but” (no not a pun)Whats with the large statue of Lenin? He looks very lonely. Perhaps Fremont should consider his battery mate in Human atrocities; Joe Stalin or why not then Hitler or Mao to really agrandize the world’s Monsters?
    Sorry Fremont, would love to attend your Solstice parade and commend you for the real expressions it is allowed to portray but to stay longer and deal with the statue and all that it conveys, would be impossible for me and-or probably anyone else with a Non-Socialist view of the World’s politics, or a student of the dark side of World History.

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