Our Daily Sykes #52 – Roadside Grade

Back and forth we may attend here to the flowers overgrowing the roadside regrade and the fence post supporting two barbed wire lines against a sky that may be about to let go. Close-ups like these are rare for Horace Sykes. Putting a flowering plant in the foreground of his subjects is not. But almost always behind these intimate "decorations" is a sweeping landscape in a picturesque composition. Of all the subjects Sykes recorded this will be among the few for which we may have no hope of ever knowing its place. Although forever unknown I feel that is also forever profound. It has something to do with the post and the two wires. How they climb. Perhaps one has to be afloat to feel this. I do not mean elevated by any substance but rather by temperament. A woman or a man of feeling will see something profound here. Perhaps. The light is even.

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