The reader named "BOB" has identified both the mountain and the falls with a comment. It is - and golly how insensitive of me - Index with Bridal Veil falls splashing down from Serene Lake - I presume. Horace did not stray far from the Stevens Pass Highway to record it, although my Googlecopter repeat of it is off a little ways - I think - to the left or east. But I have not learned yet to control the joystick well enough to always hit the spot. We don't see any falls in Google except an artifact the behaves like a grand fountain flowing magically from the summit of Index. Unlike the federal survey lines (or what?) the waterfall semblance holds well to the "waterways" of the mountain's east face (or northeast face). This is the side one sees from the town of Index, which is just off the highway to the other side of a ridge that is also behind Horace. Thank you Bob.

4 thoughts on “READERADDENDUM – DAILY SYKES #81”

  1. Wonderful Bob. A view for hardy knees. Is the lake directly behind you, which is to ask, does the stream for the falls come from Lake Serene? How is the hike to this place and how long for middle age knees. Not mine. I’ll never hike like that again. I just returned from Dunn Lumber where a clerk I’ve known there for 30 years saw me and made note “Well I’ll never ask you again, What are your long-range plans?”

  2. HA! Yes that is Sunset Falls and the lake is a hop/skip/jump behind me. It was very steep even before they put in lots of stairs/steps. Its worth the trip, especially in winter when the avalanches stream and crash down from the steep rocky slopes. Plus, less humanoids…

    I follow your blog and have been following your Now/Then forever. Love your work! Your legacy is assured.

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