Our Daily Sykes #168 – May We Assume That This is Part of the Cascades?

My fumbling or uncertain title for this is "Cascades, Summer, Sunset, Unidentified." Certainly such an opening as this is known by someone. Some reader.

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #168 – May We Assume That This is Part of the Cascades?”

  1. Paul,
    This looks remarkably like a crop of an image I once took from a place on the south slope of Mount Baker looking west. I think the place was called Park Butte and there was a lookout tower nearby. More than twenty years ago, but the shape of that little knob really rings a bell. What makes me less certain is the severity of those granite teeth in the distance. Not sure there’s such a sawblade west of Mount Baker. If it is the place I’m thinking of, then this is not sunset but midday on a fall or winter day. But I could be most abysmally in error.

  2. Matt
    The south slope of Baker is not visited that often, I think. It is not so convenient as the old road to lodge around the north side of Baker – between it an “the most picturesque mountain in America” by a not calculated vote of Postcard Artists of America. The most westerly of craggy peaks in the Cascades are, you may know, west of Baker – the Sisters. I think they even have a glacier or two. These, however, are not the sisters. Perhaps your photograph is of them, however. Looking at this picture again I can see it as perhaps something like the Cascade Crest north of Snoqualmie Pass. It is a real mix of steep summits. I’ll not go exploring for the moment however. Chowder awaits.

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