An Invite to our MOHAI Exhibit – with a link to the latest blog post

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Paul Dorpat, Bérangère Lomont, Jean Sherrard

This Friday, readers of this blog are invited to join Paul, Jean, and Bérangère for the preview party at their Mohai exhibit: ‘Now & Then‘. This exhibit explores the history of repeat photography through dozens of repeats of Paris (including the very first photographic image of a human being, taken by Daguerre), Seattle, and Washington state.   Wallingford is also featured with 30 time lapse examples (45 minutes running time) constructed from Paul’s 3-plus years of daily walks through the neighborhood in which he resides.  This is raw stuff but often enough thrilling – to Paul and also to Ron who helped so much in assembling it.   Please do come if you can.

Join us at the Museum of History and Industry this coming Friday between 5 and 7 PM. Wine and treats in abundance.


3 thoughts on “An Invite to our MOHAI Exhibit – with a link to the latest blog post”

  1. Paul, Jean and Berangere!

    Thanks for the best “dinner and a show” I’ve had in quite a while! The exhibit is wonderful and I’m sure it will kindle an appreciation for civic history, the built environment and repeat photography in the breast of many a MOHAI visitor. Really, well done! And Paul, the time lapse video worked perfectly…when we spoke of it over dinner that time you were still unsure quite how to go about it.

    Jean, your photographs are even more stunning on the walls, and I thought your speech about Paul and Berangere was very moving and you really zeroed in on what Paul uniquely brings to the community.

    Berangere, I was able to speak with you only for a brief moment and welcome you back to Seattle, but it was wonderful to meet you and I was enthralled by your repeats of Paris. You’ve made me appreciate the City of Lights afresh.

    I’ll need to go back for more because with so many of your other fans there I wasn’t able to get close to every image. As crowds go, however, this was a fine bunch.


  2. The exhibit was fantastic- so glad I stopped by. Amazing crowd. Congrats to you and MOHAI for pulling this off.

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