Paris chronicle #45 Christmas Fathers in Paris

Christmas Fathers have landed rue de La Montagne Sainte Geneviève Paris 5th on Saturday evening,

what a joy in the street !!!

We all send our best wishes to Christmas Fathers and friends in Town Hall …


Les pères Noel ont débarqué rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève Paris 5eme samedi en fin d’après-midi , quelle joie dans la rue !!!

Nous souhaitons tous bonne chance aux pères Noel et leurs amis à Town Hall…



Dear Berangere, while Jean’s 2012 rendition of a Rogue’s Christmas at Town Hall was by all measures a happy and sometimes profound occasion, neither of us – Jean nor I – thought to take pictures of the event BB.  (Unless Jean did and he has not, as yet, shared them.)  This only snap of mine was a “mistake.”  I meant to press the video button to record the first of Pineola’s five performances – in their themes all imbricating with the stories Jean chose to be read by his players – but pressed the still shot button instead with this result.

I will make a quick critical review of the band’s performance.  It was damn tender and touching.  Pineola also cut a cd of these songs, which was available to those attending.  They did for last years Rogue’s Christmas as well.  Pineola is, left to right, Josh Woods, Bass; John Owen, Guitar; and Leslie Braly, vocals and guitar.  Leslie also wrote the songs.

I did manage to follow my button fumble and got the video going before they strummed the first chord.

PINEOLA on stage, TOWN HALL Dec. 16, 2012, for ROGUE'S CHRISTMAS

I must hasten to add to Paul’s comment about Pineola that their amazing CD, The Elephant and the Owl, comprised of songs played at the Town Hall concert is STILL available at the Pineola website.

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