Seattle’s 2018 Folklife Festival

Still quite glorious in its diversity and wide appeal, Folklife is surely one of the planet’s great festivals. As Baby Gramps reflected on Sunday evening, in the Newport Folk Festivals heyday, it drew a respectable crowd of 50,000 –Folklife brings out five times that many. A few snaps from my all-too brief visit yesterday evening and this afternoon.

(as always, click to enlarge photos)

The view from atop the Fisher Green Pavilion
The Saints Come Marchin’ In…
A sure sign of summer in Seattle – Fountain follies….

Baby Gramps, waiting for a sound check….

Near Broad Street, a gathering of the tribes…

The Mad Robins a cappella contradance chorus. From left: Michael Karcher (caller); Amy Hanson Wimmer, Abigail Hobart, Diana Herbst, Anita Anderson, Isaac Sarek Banner, David Kessler, Melissa Coffey, and Brandon Ananias Martin-Anderson
Capoeira on display…
A southern view up the Center’s dappled walkway
A brass band plays next to a sign reading, “No Loud Busking here”
Last night’s full moon…

2 thoughts on “Seattle’s 2018 Folklife Festival”

  1. I have lived in Seattle since 1975. Tho several aspects have changed [tho they haven’t knocked down Mike’s chili Parlor yet] your nostalgia feeling photos of the folklife festival remind me that Seattle is still a happening place. Maybe in the future, Seattle will bus in the cool people when they can no longer afford to live here.

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