Events! Friday on the Eastside, Saturday at Duwamish Longhouse, Monday in Wallingford

The events!

Paul greets crowd at Oct. 28, 2018, launch at Seattle Central Library.
Paul pontificates during the Oct. 28, 2018, book launch at Seattle Central Library.

Have you been able to attend one of Paul Dorpat‘s and Jean Sherrard‘s illustrated talks about their new book, Seattle Now & Then: The Historic Hundred?

So far, besides the big October 28 launch on Paul’s 80th birthday, six events have taken place, and three more are coming up this weekend prior to Thanksgiving:

With the book’s back cover as a backdrop, Jean speaks at the Oct. 28, 2018, launch at Seattle Central Library.

And the events just keep on comin’, resuming on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Fremont, followed by 11 more through mid-December.

Join us! The events are free, books are available for purchase and personalizing, and you have the opportunity for one-on-one conversation afterward with Paul and Jean.

The media

In recent weeks, the book has garnered great media attention from:

Westside Seattle, “Seattle Time Travelers” column by Jean Godden

The launch of Seattle Now & Then, a new film by Berangere Lomont

The Launch of “Seattle Now and Then,” a video by Berangere Lomont

KOMO-TV, “Eric’s Heroes,” with Eric Johnson

KOMO-TV’s “Eric’s Heroes” salutes “Seattle Now & Then: The Historic Hundred,” Oct. 31, 2018.

To see all the print and broadcast media coverage of the book, click here.

The blurbs

A total of 25 Seattle notables have weighed in on Seattle Now & Then: The Historic Hundred. Here’s a sample:

Mike James

If you love a city, you want its story, not only in words, but also with a vision of its evolution.

Paul and Jean meet that desire in these pages, a brilliant melding of story and photo – a vivid journey from that long ago Then to Now.

Mike James,
former KING-TV and KIRO-TV journalist

For the rest of the blurbs, check out our blurbs page.

How to order

Eager to place your order? It’s easy. Just visit our “How to order” page. You can even specify how you want Paul and Jean to personalize your copy.

As Jean looks on, Paul signs a book for Nancy Guppy of The Seattle Channel’s “Art Zone.”


Big thanks to everyone who has helped make this book a successful tribute to the public historian who has popularized Seattle history via more than 1,800 columns for nearly 37 years, Paul Dorpat!

— Clay Eals, editor, Seattle Now & Then: The Historic Hundred


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