Around the world with ‘Now & Then’: Vacations we can take vicariously

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The cover of the Oct. 10, 2021, PacificNW magazine of The Seattle Times (“Then” photo courtesy Marti Dell, “Now” photo by Perry Barber)

We are delighted that the editors of PacificNW magazine of The Seattle Times asked us to prepare a cover-story package for the magazine’s print edition of Sunday, Oct. 10, 2021, on the topic of vicarious vacations. Call it an epic “Now & Then.”

Here’s the introduction:

The places we visited when we were young stand stubbornly, often joyously, in our minds and hearts.

In this collection, we delve into these memories as illuminated by long-ago travel photos — many of them submitted by readers of our “Now & Then” column.

We also return to these sites, in images kindly contributed by professional and amateur photographers in places that we collectively cannot or choose not to revisit at present because of the coronavirus.

It’s a way of taking vacations without leaving home. Enjoy the trip!

And below are links to 12 fully illustrated vignettes, including video interviews, preceded by the Backstory. Special thanks to the friends and others we called upon to snap “Now” photos out of the goodness of their hearts. We hope you enjoy it all.

— Jean Sherrard and Clay Eals

VIGNETTE 01 — by Jean
  • (Courtesy Hai Thi Nguyen)

    Mount Rushmore, 1994
    ‘When I was young, I wanted to hear about a place and wanted to see it’
    Hai Thi Nguyen

VIGNETTE 02 — by Clay
  • (Courtesy Marti Dell)

    New York harbor, 1963
    ‘I was obviously very secure in myself … that innocent confidence’
    Marti Dell

VIGNETTE 03 — by Jean
  • (Courtesy Astrid Anderson Bear)

    Copenhagen, 1965
    ‘A text of independence … I passed reasonably well’
    Astrid Anderson Bear

VIGNETTE 04 — by Clay
VIGNETTE 05 — by Clay
VIGNETTE 06 — by Clay
VIGNETTE 07 — by Clay
  • (Robbie Fletcher)

    Chicago lakeshore, 1988
    ‘To explore without having to go on an expedition’
    Elancia (Lancie) Williamson

VIGNETTE 08 — by Jean
VIGNETTE 09 — by Clay
VIGNETTE 10 — by Jean
  • (Richard Kyro)

    Banff, Alberta, 1979
    ‘I had never seen a lake that was so blissfully blue’
    Kara Kyro

VIGNETTE 11 — by Clay
VIGNETTE 12 — by Jean
  • (Courtesy Paul Dorpat)

    Paris, 1967
    A highlight of their lives
    The Rev. Theodore and Cherry Dorpat

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