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A Rogue’s Christmas, 2018

Please join Paul and me for our 12th annual gathering of the rogues! Also in the mix are Kurt Beattie, Julie Briskman, Bill Radke, and our house band Pineola!

A slight change up this year: we’re asking our audience for stories of mishap, mayhem, and mistletoe mischief. Please submit your holiday tales of woe – 500 words or less – for consideration. If selected, it will be performed live at the show by Bill Radke or Julie Briskman, and later be aired on the KUOW ‘Speaker’s Forum’ Christmas edition! Submit your stories to

A Rogue’s Christmas 2018

Seattle’s 2018 Folklife Festival

Still quite glorious in its diversity and wide appeal, Folklife is surely one of the planet’s great festivals. As Baby Gramps reflected on Sunday evening, in the Newport Folk Festivals heyday, it drew a respectable crowd of 50,000 –Folklife brings out five times that many. A few snaps from my all-too brief visit yesterday evening and this afternoon.

(as always, click to enlarge photos)

The view from atop the Fisher Green Pavilion
The Saints Come Marchin’ In…
A sure sign of summer in Seattle – Fountain follies….

Baby Gramps, waiting for a sound check….

Near Broad Street, a gathering of the tribes…

The Mad Robins a cappella contradance chorus. From left: Michael Karcher (caller); Amy Hanson Wimmer, Abigail Hobart, Diana Herbst, Anita Anderson, Isaac Sarek Banner, David Kessler, Melissa Coffey, and Brandon Ananias Martin-Anderson
Capoeira on display…
A southern view up the Center’s dappled walkway
A brass band plays next to a sign reading, “No Loud Busking here”
Last night’s full moon…

More Market…

The Pike Place Market has been one of my stomping grounds since my early teens. Formative place – the first beer I actually purchased was in Post Alley’s long-gone Victrola Tavern at the age of 15 (still in costume as Laertes in a production of ‘Hamlet’ at the Stage One Theatre).

Yesterday, I watched the Pike Place Market Historical Commission at work and was impressed once again by their commitment to fostering and maintaining a thriving market, accessible and accountable to locals and tourists alike.

A few more photos, taken in glorious daylight saving time while the sun sets over a closing market.

Looking directly down Pike – the lovely Market steps descend to the waterfront
Lovely even in reverse
The Antwerpen Express out of Hamburg is towed into port
End of the day…

Market People on Parade

Every sunny weekend in the Pike Place Market is a revelation – a flood of people, light, and color. In addition, yesterday there were a number of celebrants of the East Indian Holi festival of colors. Here are a few candid shots that for some reason make me happy.

A Southern Exposure…

A short trip to sunny CA – just north of San Diego. A momentary respite from the rain and recent snow.

(as always, click to enlarge)

Take off over the N gate
Port of Tacoma
Mount St Helens
Reader’s choice
Leucadia surfer access
Beach property by Rube Goldberg
A Carlsbad canyon view
Carlsbad power
Buddhist garden by the seaside
Black Buddha blossoms
Nighty bears…

Happy New Year!

(as always, click to enlarge photos)

While the lunar new year (of the dog!) doesn’t actually begin until this coming Friday, festivities were begun today in the International District. Your faithful Now & Then operative was there to record a few repeat photos, but got caught up in the fun…

Using his 21′ extension pole, Jean shot high above the crowd looking west towards the King Street station
Lion dancers about to parade through the streets. Firecrackers are crackling behind Jean’s back.
Minutes later, Mayor Jenny Durkan arrives to kick off the celebration. Her young, somewhat tentative companion helped feed the lions

Rogues’ Christmas list of stories

Pre-show at Taproot Theatre

We had a lovely evening at the Taproot Theatre and I received a number of requests for a list of the readings performed by our stellar cast. Here they are in order:

  • ‘Christmas in Qatar’ by Calvin Trillin (read by Paul Dorpat)
  • ‘You Better Not Cry’ (an excerpt) by Augusten Burroughs (Jean Sherrard)
  • ‘Christmas Every Day’ by William Dean Howells (Kurt Beattie)
  • ‘A Christmas Spectacle’ by Robert Benchley (Kurt)
  • ‘The Three Wise Guys’ by Sandra Cisneros (Bill Ontiveros)
  • ‘Christmas Cracker’ by Jeanette Winterson (Marianne Owen)

Our wonderful house band, Pineola, performed intro and interim music. I’ll update their set list when I can get it.

There’s only one more chance to catch this program: next Saturday at the Rainier Arts Center in Columbia City. But this show’s only available to Town Hall members. What a fine time to show your support and join Town Hall –  then join us for the party on Saturday!

‘Rogues’ Christmas’ – This Year at the Taproot Theatre

Northgate Santa, 1952. He knows when you are sleeping…

Greetings, all! FYI, this evening’s performance will not be held at the usual Town Hall location, which is closed for remodel and reconstruction! All Town Hall events are now sprinkled throughout the city in many different venues. Ours is at Greenwood’s Taproot Theatre. For direction and info on parking, please click here.

Thanks for the suggestion to clarify this, Clay Eals!